Only Have to sign up 2 Fire Members

It is $100 to get on a Board and you Make $800 in 3-4 days Once the Board you are on is Complete. Once you are a water on your Board the 8 fires on your Board  will Cashapp you $100 each which equals your $800 for entering the Board. You come on as a Fire and will have to Cashapp $100 to the Water on your Board you will also have to bring Only 2 more people you really Trust to become Fires and join the Board and the 2 Fires you brought on will have to do the Same thing. The Fires you bring and the Fires they bring will follow you and each other on the Boards Helping Each other Complete them.



Once this Board has 5 more Fire Members added Jamie the (water) will Recieve $800 from the fire members on the board. They will send $100 each to your Cashapp. When Jamie is paid out Tim and kim in the (earth) spot will move to the Water Spot on there own Boards and the (winds) & (Fires) under them will follow them to the there new Board and will move up to the Next Stage on the Board.

Fire - When you become a new fire on a Board you have to Pay $100 to the "Water" on the Board through Cashapp & Bring on 2 more people you TRUST to Become "Fires"

Wind - A "Fire" Becomes a "Wind" after Bringing 2 more "Fires" in on the Board

Earth - A "Wind" Becomes a "Earth" When the 2 "Fires" you Brought in Bring in 2 more "Fires" of there own or when more "fires" are added to Board

Water - A "Earth" Becomes a "Water" & all the "Earths" "Winds" & "Fires" that where under you will be filled up on you're Board. 

When that happens You get PAID the 8 "Fires" on the Board will Cashapp the "Water" $100 each

No $25 Fee

Just sign up and join our Community Today !!! But you Have 24hrs. to join a Board or you're page will be Deactivated.

use invite code:$100Board


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